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We're Not In Kansas Dorothy!

Foreign markets are about as foreign as it gets. Everything, from laws to customs and customers, is different from how it is at home. While poor old Dorothy only had Toto to help, we can do a whole lot better at making your journey to Oz (or Japan or China) the interesting and rewarding experience your company deserves.

Our business services address key requirements that are vital to making informed decisions. Whether you're considering a business venture into or from a Pacific Rim market, we make it easy for you to succeed. Access to effective marketing strategies that both leverage corporate marketing assets and account for key country-by-country differences. We ensure you are able to maximize your opportunities while avoiding the common pitfalls associated with entering foreign markets.

Information Collection and Evaluation

We begin by establishing a clear and mutual understanding of what information is to be collected, how the evaluation is to be carried out, and what is to be achieved. Based on this mutual understanding, we gather information to support the objectives; information on government and municipal policies, laws, current and historical business trends; and open profiles of various enterprises and key decision makers who can have an influence on the proposed project. We then provide comprehensive reports detailing our findings, conclusions, and recommendations so that managers can make more informed decisions about their target markets.

Visit Facilitation and Acclimatization

Let Graficom take care of all the travel requirements for your visit to countries around the Pacific Rim. As well as advising on any visa requirements for your international travel, we can arrange all local transportation and lodging for your visit, provide translation and interpretation services, give briefings on local social customs and business etiquette, set up business meetings, and provide any follow-up required during or following your meetings.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Moving into new markets presents new planning challenges, since organization have no previous records to act as a guide. In other ways, it offers wonderful opportunities to create genuinely innovative and exciting founding principles. We can maximize those opportinities by developing targeted sales and marketing strategies that take into consideration both your goals and possibilities of the market you want to compete in.

Branding and Website Design

Our full-service branding and website packages (design, creation, deployment & maintenance) are designed for use in international markets; they reflect our understanding of the history, culture, language, and people of the target country. We will ensure your website is fully listed on major search engines so that it gains the widest exposure possible.
and printed media (brochures, data-sheets, corporate reports, etc.) .

Asia Pacific Market Facts (CMO Council - June, 2015)

GDP at Current Prices:
$16.735 trillion
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI):
$ 344,630 billion
Exports to the USA:
$6.65 trillion
Imports from the USA:
$6.072 trillion

Some Words Of Advice

When doing business in Asia, the most common complaint leveled is how U.S. or European-based companies continually look to replicate successful campaigns lock, stock and barrel inAsia Pacific markets. These are mostly doomed to failure due to a variety of reasons such as timing, language, customs, cultural insensitivities, traditions, red tape and irrelevancy. The Asia Pacific region is an exciting market with plenty of opportunities and growth potential, but bear in mind that almost every country in the area will have a different way of doing business; customs, rules & regulations, and . . . So, taking time to learn the lay of the land goes a long toward making an investment in this growth market.
The European Union has 15 official languages, but English is fast becoming the business 'communication' language. Even though most business professionals throughout Europe speak some English, it’s always recommended to learn important key words of your destination’s language. Expect enormous variation when it comes to dining and entertaining in Europe. Dining is taken seriously in most of Europe as an expression of generosity, and for most of Europe, it's rude to refuse dinner invitations.

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