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Graficom is a Japan-based consultancy providing practical services to companies, institutions and organizations wishing to transfer products and services to or from key Asian markets. Whether the challenge is entity establishment, identifying target markets, or developing marketing communications program and materials, we can help.

Drawing on wide-ranging experience in international sales & marketing, and working with a variety professional partners in Japan & overseas, we have built a reputation for creating a positive return on investment (ROI) and minimizing the total costs of ownership for our clients, who are able to build on our high-quality corporate services to maximize their commercial objectives and minimize their costs and mistakes.


Our services include the preparation of marketing plans and strategies, industry and market analyses, competitor and customer analyses, the design and implementation of knowledge management (KM) strategies, corporate & product branding, the planning and execution of sales activities, and the organization of fairs, meetings, events, and travel activities. While there are many steps involved in meeting various client requirements, the way we work can best be understood as a 3-step process, as described below:

James R. Jones Founder & Owner

Our UK born owner has lived and worked in Japan for more than 35 years.


Creating a vision of where you want your company to be is one of the the first big steps toward reaching target market goals. From relatively simple decisions such as which color scheme to use for corporate collateral, to more complex requirements like determining the appropriate corporate structure for an in-country presence, we can help you visualize the most suitable way to communicate.


Once the visualization process is complete, we'll go to work developing the material identified, taking into account any deadlines. The development process can include the involvement of your in-house staff, and is subject to change as necessary. Final output is presented in a timely manner and, after sign-off, delivered or deployed as required.


The created work is now ready to be put to use, promoting your business in a business environment. Final copies of all assets are passed to the client on high-quality, machine-readable media. If requested we will retain a complete backup of all material used in production (HTML, graphics, spread-sheets, etc.) to secure against the loss of client copies.

Fast & Responsive Websites

Stand apart from your competitors with an outstanding wbsite design

A website gives you the opportunity to prove your credibility and gain the trust of customers – particularly when it provides access in the local language. A well designed website can also serve as a place for potential investors to explore what your business is about and what it can do in the future. Your business profile will be accessible from anywhere in the world. No other advertising medium provides such global coverage.


Next Intelligence

Modern Designs

Graficom website designs ensure you look your best in the competitive on-line business world.

Fast & Light

Our designs are fast-loading & light, making each visit to your website a pleasurable experience.

Device Responsive

Our websites automatically respond to tablets & mobile phones, so you reach a wider audience.

Bilingual for Bigger Impact

Overcome potential cultural barriers by allowing website access in additional native languages.

Our Business Partners